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world top models

World’d Top Super Female Models

World famous supermodels Adriana Lima Brazilian supermodel About: In true fairy tale fashion, Brazilian Adriana was discovered at the age of 13 when she was shopping at a local shopping…

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dark models

I am dark can I do Modeling?

Hi Everyone, So here I am answering a question which can be best answered by quoting some examples, the skin color doesn’t matter when it comes to any profession. The…

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fat people

I am fat can I act or be a model ?

Hi Everyone, In this article we talk about people who judge their body a lot, they often ask” I am fat can I act or can I do modeling?”,  well that’s a…

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Biggest Talent Show for Kids in 2018

Is your Kid a born star? Have you ever thought that your kid learns things so quickly and effortlessly that you have to sometimes wonder is he really his age?…

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How to make my career in modeling?

Getting Parental Approval. If you are under 18, you need parental approval before signing with an agency. ... Obtaining Photographs. ... Creating a Portfolio. ... Composition Cards. ... Finding an Agent.…

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Become a Star!

Change your looks (makeover), to make impact on type of roles you get? Reinventing yourself doesn't have to be a huge undertaking. Simple tweaks, many of which you can do…

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Amazing Platform for Talented People -Chain2bollywood

Chain2Bollywood, the brainchild of Ms Sonia Gupta who is the Founder and Managing Director of the company has been a dream for over 12 years for this entrepreneur. Ms Sonia Gupta having…

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Are You Camera Shy?

North Carolina Voter ID Law Is Upheld by Federal Judge ...

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If you have unique talent, like singing dancing, music, how do you showcase to the industry?

In today's associated and innovatively affected world, trying specialists have significantly more power and impact in propelling their own professions than craftsmen have had previously. Presently, rising artists must be…

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audition tips

Auditon Tips

Appropriately negotiate vertical materials rather than impactful technology

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