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I'm Anisha Bhasin


I'm a Mumbai based actor. if there is any work for which my profile is suitable,kindly let me know..

I'm attaching my profile and a couple of pics for the same.

1. Acting:
- Tvc for Dunkin Donuts
- Tvc for income tax 2016
-Tvc for Doms pencils
-Tvc for bossfortoss.com
-Tvc for Dehradun based real estate company.
-portrayed character Nisha in the ongoing tv show 'tamanna'on star

-portrayed character of apala in upcoming season of 'devlok'

serialon epic
-portrayed role of a councillor in the upcoming movie 'thodsi

- couple of YouTube videos
-internet ad for sofy
-Acting diploma from Barry John Acting Studio, Delhi
- Acted in a few short films including 'The veil' and 'Beetlebum'
- Portrayed the lead role in the broadway style musical called ' The

of love'-zorian cross productions amongst other stage productions.

2. Choreographer and Dancer:
-Clients worked for as a Choreographer and Dancer include

Femina, Roots and Wings, Percept, Delhi Dance Academy, IIDC

2013 and 2014, DIFF 2013, IFL 2014, Afmec, Izenica,Herbal life,

Avajarred 2, Avajarred 3, Rhythm of Love- zorian cross productions

and various NGOs.
-Conducted dance workshops in delhi and dehradun for both kids as

well as adults.
-Have choreographed wedding events as well (bollywood dance).
-Currently learning contemporary, funk jazz, funk hip-hop, salsa

among others.

3. Age: 23 years

4. Height: 5'4"

My links

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hwRMee7LIig -income tax
https://youtu.be/Sqpf9bPRSCk - content writer
https://youtu.be/C8I2I7oQZ60 - effing Cray

full-episode-38/x - tamanna
https://youtu.be/lm5jJIB32bo - selfie

Can speak both Hindi and English comfortably. I have attached a

couple of pictures as well. Do let me know if you require any more

details. Thank you for this opportunity.

Warm regards,

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