I'm Pooja Narang

City : Mumbai, India
Vital status: 32, 28, 36
height: 5'6
Achievement and Work:
1. Comleted Acting Course from "Kreating characters" 2015.
My Work Experience
1: Beauty peagent Mr. Royal king & Queen, won title of Ms.

Photogenic Pune.
2: Narmada water shoot for hoardings in Pune.
3: Pantaloons cloths shoot for hoardings Mumbai.
4: Soap tvc add in bangalore. + Gokulam Jewellry tvc add +

hoardings in Kochi.
5: Damro furniture shoot for hoardings in Kochi.
6: Pune City Digest magazine shoot for cover page.
7: Shirt brand shoot for hoardings in pune.
8: Dance India Dance promo ad.
9: Realxo chappal ad with Salman Khan
10: Panasonic with Varun Dhawan
11: Mohini tea
12: Jaya Traavels Dubai brand
links: https://youtu.be/Te9ybbYjPmg

Know Dancing : Salsa, Hip hop, Belly dance & Bollywood have learnt

from Shiamak Davar..
Work Areas / Interest : Movies, Serial, Ads, Prints.
International shoot:
Bikini : No
Semi Nude : No
Nude : No
Passport : Yes
Travel : Yes

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