Dhinchak Pooja-Kamaal Hai

For sure Dhinchak Pooja has captured the limelight in last few months, like no other celebrity. And for sure she might know music or not,  she is still living her dream.

How many of us would dare to?


The best thing about her, which has got her so far is , she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone; like it or not, she is here to stay and knows how to use negative publicity to her leverage.

Many people say, what’ s the use of this kinda fame, Well come to her shoes than you’ll know what it feels, to have few of your video’s seen by more people than even Salman Khan’s video.

Sure she’s making good money every month.

At so many interviews,  people have made good fun of her, but the best part we love about her is she Loves herself, and gives damn about what people are saying. That her secret of success. People might put you down at several points, de-validate you totally, but if you believe in yourself than there is no rule for success. What is right or what is wrong is just and interpretation of the society. What feels right to you is important.

Well how many would like to have, the wild card entry in Big Boss?

Name Dhinchak Pooja Real name Pooja Jaindhinchak-pooja

Occupation: Singer, entertainer

Born in Uttar Pradesh

Most known for: Viral songsSelfie Maine Leli Aaj and Dilon Ka Shooter



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