Should Comedian Kapil quit films?

Comedian Kapil Sharma marked his debut with Abbas Mustan’s ‘Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karun,’ from audience to critics, the actor was panned in and out for his shoddy performance but with ‘Firangi,’BUT IN ‘FIRANGI’,  this isn’t the case. Since he is  the producer of the film, he has really made efforts towards performance. Kapil has emerged a competitive actor but for romance. He is awful at it on celluloid. Director Rajiev Dhingra, who also starts his Bollywood innings with this film, does a decent job in telling an interesting story set in pre-Independence India, but the movie is disappointing as its very slow and becomes totally boring.

Undoubtedly, Director, Rajiev narrates an engaging story. However, he beautifully crafts the era and weaves purity in romance but forgets to chop the film adequately, to make it more crisp. . First half is interesting, but the film loses out on its climax, which is very unrealistic and funny. The film finally is a total mess.

Kapil Sharma is not as bad but being a stand up comedian, he might surprise you in few of the scenes but we think he must learn how to romance. Slow motion and emoting scenes don’t suit him at all. He is good with comedy and must stick to it. Probably comedy movies he could do in future. Thats our recommendation to him


Watch the film’s trailer here:


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