Magic of Suneel Darshan and Nadeem is back

Ek Haseena Thi Ek Deewana Tha, is an upcosuneel-darshanming 2017 Bollywoodromantic thriller. The film is directed and produced by Suneel Darshan and stars Shiv Darshan, Natasha Fernandez and Upen Patel in lead roles.[1][2] The music is composed by Nadeem.

The movie surely brings back the old magic of our legendary Director Producer Suneel Darshan and Nadeem. The promo looks promising and music is amazing, and is already getting popular

Here’s the official trailer….     In cinema’s 30 June 2017

In a conversation with Chain2Bollywood, Bollywood mega producer Suneel Darshan and actors Shiv Darshan and Natasha Fernandes spoke about the launch of their upcoming film, “Ek haseena thi ek deewana tha” and also about their personal side.

The film is a romance set to be launched on June 30th 2017 and stars Suneel’s son, Shiv Darshan, Bollywood newcomer Natasha Fernandes and ex-Bigg Boss contestant, Upen Patel.
This film is also a launch for Natasha Fernandes into the Bollywood industry, who Suneel Darshan says is no different from a Priyanka Chopra. Darshan, himself is responsible for launching actors like Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra, who today are now mainstream actors.
In a tough industry where many talented individuals are trying to get an entry into, Suneel explains how he actually found Natasha, in the most unusual way.
Bollywood’s next star was actually discovered in a restaurant
As Suneel recalls, he discovered Natasha in a restaurant in London in which he had observed the young actress playing through different emotions (over a 100 as he claims) over a span of just a minute. Impressed by this feat, he decided that he had to give her the opportunity to launch her into the Bollywood industry.
For Natasha, getting the opportunity was a dream come true. Although she wanted to clarify that it really was not a ‘100’ emotions that she played at the restaurant, but getting an entry into the industry, with a producer like Suneel was a turn in her life she says she’d have never expected.
It’s the same unusual way, Suneel’s son, Shiv says he’d launched him as well into the industry. When he was in his late teens, Shiv said that he got an urgent call from his father saying that they needed to find a stunt replacement for one of the main actors who could not make it for the shoot. X decided to give a helping hand and it turned out to go so well, that it actually turned out to be X’s launch into the industry.
What’s it like to launch actors like Akshay Kumar?
It’s a two relationship between the producer and the actor. Suneel recalls the moment when he felt deeply betrayed by the actor Sunny Deol. He says that you’d expect that these actors who you have built up and given the opportunity to grow in the industry to not become over-confident and ignore those you’ve helped them to be where they are.
What had happened with Sunny Deol, was something Suneel feels deeply hurt by. But for those who have been successful, he feels that he doesn’t want to take credit for the work they’ve done.
For a newcomer actress? Was it hard to suddenly work in a major film?
This was Natasha’s entry into the Bollywood industry. She didn’t have any previous experience as an actor, nor had she gone to acting school. Working into a film would have probably been all too sudden for her.

But as she explains her difficulties, she says “Everyone has been very supportive for me, guiding me through the entire process”. She went through 3 months of training before she was actually put on set to act and she greatly admires Suneel, calling him as a mentor.
One interesting quality that Suneel had as a producer that both Natasha and X admired, was his ability to tell when a scene was shot perfectly by only looking at it. “He doesn’t need to hear anything” Shiv says. “All he needs to do is just look at the scene and just by looking at it, he’ll be able to tell what’s wrong with it or what needs to be redone”.
What the film is going to be like? What’s the chemistry between the actors like?
It is a romance film, and you’ve got to ask the actors what was it like working with each other.
Natasha admits that initially it was a bit tough getting comfortable in the role that she was playing. But she says, there was one moment which brought Shiv and her closer to each other. Shiv also feels the same way.
When it comes to the film, Natasha and Shiv really want lovers to really feel the film as much as they can and immerse themselves into it. With the magical music from Nadeem Sharavan, they really want their viewers to feel the strong passionate emotions that were expressed in the film.
This film is really for anyone who wants to feel passionate about love. So catch the film in theatres at 30th June.


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