Why Chain2 Bollywood?

About Chain 2 Bollywood?

Chain2Bollywood, the brainchild of Ms Sonia Gupta who is the Founder and Managing director of the company has been a dream for over 12 years for this entrepreneur. Ms Sonia Gupta having seen the media, advertising and the film fraternity from close quarters in Delhi and in Mumbai and hailing from Jaipur, has brought out this venture with a view to helping the vast numbers of youth from across the country who come to Mumbai primarily to try their luck in the media and the film fraternity.


C2B (Chain2Bollywood) is a website as well as an app which can be readily downloaded and used on the move just like any other app. The USP of this app is that it serves as a mother umbrella for any and everybody connected to the communication, advertising, media or the film / entertainment industry and connects everybody on a professional level and creates a favorable situation for all.


C2B app, demarcates and categorize information on people / organizations/ companies and to the minutest details which include, location, city, address, contact details and in case of talent, their age, experience, location and their profiling. So relevant data can be uploaded on various categories and demarcations to suit the users requirements.  Harnessing the power of technology, C2B brings the industry closer and to bring far-reaching benefits, advantages and changes in the way industry functions. C2B serves as an opportunity catalyst.


A few quick pointers on the Chain2Bollywood (C2B) app:


Ø  The C2B app is smart and as per your requirement/ area/ budget. You can access filtered data, with professionals listed with portfolio/ snaps/ profile/ videos etc. Unlimited Access, totally free !


Ø  Employers / producers/ coordinators and agencies/ studios can post their requirement free of cost (unlimited), on the app


Ø  Directory Members can apply to Creative Opportunities, Jobs and Auditions


Ø  Users/ Producers, Individuals, Actor models, Agencies, Institutes and other Associations, related directly or indirectly to Media and Entertainment can list themselves, as per the service they provide, or talent they have. They can upload their snaps/ profile, video / audio files so that it is easy for Producers/ Agencies, Companies, Media  and users to find and connect with them for work / business


Ø  Fresher’s get a platform to showcase their talent, companies can use the platform to market and grow their business, by showcasing to the right audience in/ users of the entertainment and media space

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